I-5 Driver's
I drive I-5  between Los Angeles and the
San Francisco Bay Area or Sacramento at
least 4 times per year - often more than
that. I do the San Diego run almost as

And, every couple of years, I do a Seattle
run - my latest was in March of 2005. In '02,
I went all the way to Vancouver.

So, while I'm not in the category of the
long-haul truckers who make these runs
every week or more, I spend a fair number
of hours out on the road for my business.

For those of you who don't already know
this, Interstate Highway #5, I-5 for short, is
the main traffic route along the West Coast,
from the Canadian border crossing at
Blaine, WA (near Vancouver, BC) running
south on down to San Diego and the
Mexican Border crossing at San

MORE to come...