Eric Anderson, M.S.; P.E.;
Mechanical Engineer

Industrial Ventilation Design,
Dust Collection System Design,
HVAC Design for Industrial and Laboratory installations,
Material Flow, Handling, and Logistics

I have strong technical qualifications and a proven record of accomplishment delivering high
quality process engineering services at cost competitive prices. I provide specialized
process engineering and multi-disciplinary capabilities.

Process Engineering:
  • Process evaluation and optimization
  • Process development
  • Heat and Material Balances
  • Development of Process & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs)
  • Design furnaces and kilns
  • Process gas handling and treatment
  • Heat recovery and energy optimization
  • Control of fugitive emissions
  • Evaluation of new processes

Scope of services includes: Conceptual, Basic, and detailed design of processes and
equipment, troubleshooting, feasibility / conceptual studies, and plant commissioning

Field Measurements and Observations - Sort of like a doctor's house call of days gone by...
  • Analyze Design Performance of Existing Systems
  • Field Measurements of ventilation and exhaust systems, observation and analysis of
    operations: equipment, processes and procedures
  • Ventilation surveys - Is your building breathing properly?
  • Due Diligence Studies including Phase I Preliminary Site Analyses, and Direction of
    Contractors for Phase II  PSA work.
  • Tank System Assessments (TSA) to meet California Certified Unified Program
    Agency (CUPA standards)
  • Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plans

Expert Opinion and Testimony  
Documentation of observations and analysis, provided as reports and/or expert
testimony/witness as appropriate, within the guidelines of the Engineers' Code of Ethics.

All Solutions focus on worker health and safety and improving environmental compliance
while improving operating performance, profitability, and Return on Investment.
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